WJ’s Guide to Wool Fanfiction

New Fleece on Life (David Adams)30kx383

Wool and the canonical tale of Holston is over, but this is what could have happened if everyone involved lost their minds. In the true tradition of terrible fanfiction shipping, New Fleece on Life is poorly written and poorly structured, everyone acts wildly out of character and, in the interests of the ‘ship’, all previous emotional and romantic entanglements are disregarded so that all involved can throw themselves into a flimsily constructed, hasty and poorly thought out fling with little thought to the consequences.

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Shear Terror (David Adams)511PD+Ny0VL

Hugh Howey, the author of the best selling sci-fi series Wool, comes to Australia in late 2012 to promote the Random House print of his most famous work. His fans, loyal beyond sanity, take a minor slight against him to be an unforgivable insult and are driven to madness. Soon the virus — the love of Wool — spreads across southern Australia, consuming all who come into contact with the gripping tale.


Insufficient (David Adinsufficientams)

Human beings are deuterostomes, which means that when they develop in the womb the anus forms before any other opening. At one point all humans were nothing more than an arsehole. Some people never change.

Airman Amanda Turner was part of Operation Fifty. She and her unit were trialing one of the vast underground bunkers created by the Order when the doors sealed. The world outside became toxic, and the test became real. Now her whole unit is trapped within the Silo forever.

There are 3,991 men and 9 women.


A1zSqK2-klL._SL1500_#NaNoWri War Z: Hugh Howey Must Die! (Michael Bunker)

#NaNoWriWee, the challenge to write a short novel or novelette in thirty hours is underway in London England, and the challenge just happens to coincide with a visit by Bestselling Author of The COTTON Omnibus, Hugh Howey, who is on a book tour in the city.

At the same time, a government experiment in creating super-soldiers goes awry when a new virus is tested on an a struggling independent writer from Leeds, and now peculiar zombies are on the loose in London and they are only eating good writers. As bad writers struggle to be validated by being eaten by zombies… who refuse to eat them… will England be left without any good writers at all? Will the country become just another France?

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The Silo Archipelago (MichaeSilo_OmnibusCl Bunker)

Leah is a picker. Her job is to sift through the refuse and waste of the silo and sort it for recycling. She enjoys making homemade paper and writing stories, but she just happens to live in an underground silo full of mysteries, in a dystopian world that has been destroyed by mankind, and the two things that she loves to do most in the world are both illegal. After being arrested for illegally producing paper for the distribution of banned materials, she is thrust into the shadowy world of SAMIZDAT — a league of dissident literary rebels who publish illegal books in the silo.

The Silo Archipelago is a thrilling novel that takes place in the world of Hugh Howey’s bestselling WOOL saga. Written with Hugh’s permission, The Silo Archipelago examines the issues of control, tyranny, and censorship through the lens of history. Throughout time, dissident writers have used paper and words as weapons of war against both governments and really bad ideas. The Silo Archipelago, in the spirit of A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch and The Gulag Archipelago, examines what would happen if there were literary dissidents in the silos of Hugh Howey’s WOOL.


The Letter (Michael Bunker)71PuKTFPYQL._SL1500_

A love letter from a jail cell in the up-top, before I am sent out to clean.





Silo 49: Going Dark (Ann Chsilo49risty)

Silo 49 has never had it easy and things have just gotten a whole lot worse. Graham, the head of IT, has done many unsavory things in his life but everyone has a line they won’t cross. He just found his. With only his best friend, Wallis and a dying electrician, Grace, to stand by him, he is left with one clear and final choice. Does he do what is right or what the rules say he should? It is a race against time for the trio against the impersonal might of Silo One. Their only choice? Going Dark.


Silo 34 (Nocomus Colusilo34mbus)

Over the years, the population of Silo 34 has slowly dwindled away.

Today, only two inhabitants remain. They are the last of a dying people. Internal and external forces threaten their existence. Difficult choices are all they have left.



Filth.o (Nocomus Columbus) 61n0Te0VOeL._SL1500_

When the bodies of three girls are found brutally murdered, Lieutenant McDonald is forced to lead the investigation.

This is his silo story.



Unhinged (Brigid D’Souza)91bjcN1RbZL._SL1500_

The Silo has become a world of stark haves and have-nots. Food shortages and power outages are becoming more commonplace, fueling the rise of a rebel from the down deep, mysteriously known as ‘Mole Rat’, who threatens to unhinge the Order of the Silo. Martin is an ambitious member of an elite security group called the Garda charged with capturing Mole Rat. All it requires is a mission to the down deep, something Martin and his men have trained for repeatedly. But there is more to the down deep than meets the eye.


 The Runner (W.J. Davies)91gcSE3l6fL._SL1500_

Time is running out. As the Great Flood threatens to consume the silo, Ace and a team of divers are in a desperate battle to avert disaster. When a terrible accident destroys the person he cares about most, Ace has little left to live for.

After nearly succumbing to the silo’s flooded depths, Ace realizes that drastic measures must be taken in order to save their underground home. But those in charge deem his ideas too dangerous, his methods too forbidden, and he is shunned for his sin of toxic words.

When an opportunity for redemption presents itself, Ace has only one question: If these people aren’t willing to help themselves, why should he fight to save them?

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The Diver (W.J. DWJDavies_Diver_webavies)

What would you do if the world you lived in was a lie? Where every birth required a death, and those in charge stopped at nothing to achieve complete control?

What if the actions of one man could throw the lives of thousands into turmoil? What if the people you cared about most were in danger, and the only way to save them was to go against everything you had ever been taught? Would you have the courage to take charge of your destiny, even if the choices you made meant certain death?

Welcome to the Silo.


The Watcher (W.J. Davies)91BwqeYxSyL._SL1500_

After Ace fails to clean the sensors, he disappears over a hill and out of sight, leaving chaos and confusion in his wake. Nothing could have prepared him for what he found on the other side.

The Watcher is a shocking account of what happens when boundaries are crossed, when taboos are broken, and when two silos are thrown into the toxic winds of change.

Is there truly no hope? Find out in this thrilling finale of the “Silo Submerged” saga which began with the best-selling novella, The Runner.


Rebel State: Underground (Carol Davis)91GTiIc-JLL._SL1500_

Once upon a time… the world outside came to an end.
Lexie Brownell brought her two children to Atlanta to attend the National Convention, telling them that afterwards they’d head down to Orlando to visit the parks and see the princesses. But a bright light erupted, mushroom clouds began to form, and everyone attending the Convention was herded underground, into what was supposed to be a nuclear waste storage facility.
To Lexie’s horror, she discovers that her brother knew all of this was going to happen. That he added her name, and those of her children, to a carefully screened list of people who’d be saved — and condemned to a life underground. Life in an enormous concrete silo, where there are farms, schools, apartments, factories, water processing plants — the seeds of a new community.
A community they can never leave.


They Kill (Carol Davis)81BbAu4F9sL._SL1500_

Horror lurks, down deep in the silo.

It starts as a tall tale, something the miners use to entertain themselves over big bowls of stew in the dining hall. Scratches on the equipment. Footprints left in the dirt. And whispers, coming from somewhere deep within the mines. Joe Forbes dismisses it as so much nonsense — and then he remembers something his father said: You always feel pretty lucky, right before your luck runs out.


Visions of WOOL (Hanna Elizabeth) 81NbqL2Up5L._SL1500_

VISIONS of WOOL, is the story of Grace, who, by the very nature of her being, threatens the fabric of the Silo. She has visions. Visions of the world outside before it was forbidden, before they were buried underground, while the skies were still clear blue and animals beyond reckoning still roamed the earth. But her visions don’t stop there. Grace is put to the test when she envisions an uprising in the Silo, and the death of the young man she loves.

With the help of her visions and a mysterious book handed down through the centuries, she finds herself fighting against time, not only to save those she loves, but for the survival of future generations.


The Sky used to be Blue - EBook Cover ArtThe Sky Used to Be Blue (Patrice Fitzgerald)

Karma lives in a Silo deep beneath the earth. She isn’t sure of much else… only that the wallscreen shows an outside view that is barren and swirling with toxic clouds. Most of the other residents seem content—except for the ones who jump to their deaths from the hundred-level spiral staircase… and the ones who are pushed.

After the doctor prescribes a special medicine and tells her to avoid tap water, Karma begins to remember a very different world. Despite the fog in her mind, she is convinced that something came before. Such memories are dangerous to talk about, or even to know.

She must figure out who can be trusted. The doctor… her husband… or no one at all.

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465359_10200949211274458_2113729962_oCleaning Up (Patrice Fitzgerald)

Five years have passed since the airlock slammed shut on the 4,000 souls condemned to live in the Silo.

Karma can remember now that there was a time before–before she was locked into this cylindrical tomb under the earth. But all she can see of the outside are dead hills and the dark clouds swirling through what remains of a toxic world.

She clings to this barren life not for herself but simply to keep her child safe… and to preserve the forbidden truths about what has been lost. Among the lost is her friend Andy, the first person sent out to Clean. Sent out to die.

With every step and every stair, Karma vows to survive so that her memories of the world that once existed will live on in those who come after.


Deep Justice (Patrice FitzgerDeep Justiceald)

Karma has endured twenty-five years underneath the earth. Her path in life—a path she never bargained for—has included marriage to a man she never chose, whose powerful position forces her to hide her memories of the time before.

On the day her son takes as his bride a sweet girl from the Down Deep, an explosion resounds throughout the Silo. Is the anger and frustration of the people spilling over to the long-feared uprising?

As the toxic view of the Outside still lurks on the wallscreen, and the inside erupts in ever more violence, Karma must strike out to protect her family.


Rising Up (Papatricetrice Fitzgerald)

After a hellish three months locked in the private inner sanctum of IT, Karma and her family emerge, bloodied and forever changed. Rick is a man who is no longer in control. Mars has become the power in the Silo. And Karma is about to be charged with murder.

Death came with the uprising. Fighting with guns, knives, and bombs, many killed or were killed. Now those who survived must pick up the pieces and go forward. Twenty-five years into Silo life, the realities are still the same: the stairs, the water, the Outside… and the suffocating Inside.


Silo Secrets: Daniel (Patrice Fitsgerald)91mL2xY2RNL._SL1500_

Daniel is sixteen now, and he can count up to one hundred. He can go all by himself up and down the two levels of the Silo between his home and his job.
Daniel knows he’s not as smart as some people. But his mother told him he was smart enough to help her, so it must be true. He always believes his mother. His mother is a doctor.
He likes going to work and helping his mom. Best of all, Daniel likes it when somebody wins the lottery and a new little baby is born.
One day a little baby is born that looks like Daniel. His mother says the baby might die.


Guh Yeow (Michael Fitzgerald)81EJB2+H97L._SL1500_

5,522 word story about the only comedian of Silo 75.





In the Shadow of Guh Yeow (Michael Fitzgerald)81LV1MRw5tL._SL1500_

10,313 word short story. This is the follow up to Guh Yeow. It is part story of his shadow, Ridere Factorem, and part guide and doctrine for future comedians of Silo 75.




Pastore McDaft (Michael Fitzgerald)81lmHpFKDAL._SL1500_

6,966 word short horror story. Warning- There are some instances of violence in this short story, so if you don’t like violence in a horror story, then this is the way you know that there is some violence that takes place.
Some thing or some person is stealing wool from the sheep of the silo, and Pastore McDaft has just been assigned to replaced the previous night shepherd. Silo 75 becomes the place of nightmares for this young man, and sometimes his scary dreams turn in to reality…


The Tinker: Part 1 (Michael Fitsgerald)91SWtotvHkL._SL1500_

Silo 48 is having a bad time.

This is a story of invention in the face of suffering. It is a story of the triumph of the mind in the face of despair.

This is The Tinker.


The Tinker: Part 2 (Michael Fitsgerald) 91TzlgDdWwL._SL1500_

A silo has many secrets.
There are many struggles ahead in the lives of those who remain in Silo 48.
These individuals must grapple with the moral, ethical, and existential ramifications of their continued existence.
This is part 2 of The Tinker.



Nowhere Left to Go But Down (Michael Fitsgerald)71U+ygVbDvL._SL1500_

Sometimes, making a joke about someone’s job in the silo can go too far.






When Things Go Terribly Wrong (Michael Fitsgerald)81C6wApHksL._SL1500_

What must a woman do when in love, when the person they love abandons them to work in a place they cannot reach?

This is the story of a woman who lives in the darkness down in the world of Mechanical.

This is her last desperate attempt to persuade the love of her life that they should get married, no matter the circumstance.


Greatfall (Jason GurleBookCover_Omnibusy)

What happens when a silo goes dark? Maya has been sent to Silo 23 to investigate. Disconnected from the grid, the silo appears to be dead, rotted from the inside. But what Maya finds is a silo that is anything but deceased.

Shut off from the outside world and other silos, Silo 23 has evolved into something unexpected, and something more horrifying than Maya could have anticipated.

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SILK (A Parody) (Howie Hughes)91tuyqLpluL._SL1500_

In the future, thousands of people live underwater in self-contained communities called Bio-Cylinders. Such a life requires strict arbitrary laws and capricious female mayors.

Just don’t tell the crazy wench you want to get flushed out into the ocean.

Because that would be really stupid.



The Unstoppable Us (David W Lee)913BdO0iOIL._SL1500_

Katie Linder, on the precipice of choosing a life to apprentice into, has never wanted much for herself. After all, only a lucky few in the silo are allowed to fall in love, to make their own choices in life, and that’s how it’s always been, hasn’t it? Until one night she finds a group of friends who change the way she sees everything.



The Disappeared (Logan Thomas Snyder)41VE2x2oOEL

Throughout human history, public executions have been a means for the powers that be to punish and deter those who would commit crimes against the state.

Crucifixion. Hanging. Firing squad. Cleaning.

Yet when Echo Medley’s dearest friend goes missing, she learns that some punishments are best meted out in private. Her journey into the heart of the silo she has called home all her life will shake not only her faith in it, but humanity itself..


The Last Prayer (LyndPetition2on Perry)

In the post-apocalypse, society continues in underground silos, kept safe from the toxic world above by a simple hatch door and a strict set of rules. For generations, an oligarchy of priests and politicians preserved their standing while the common workers lived in ignorance.

When a young girl starts speaking of heaven as if it were just outside, the rigid caste system begins to crack. Sides are quickly drawn. The only thing preventing a violent upheaval is an old priest’s confession and the child’s last prayer. But will such simple faith be enough to save them all?

Learn more about Lyndon Perry on his web site.


The Pawn (Thomas Robi91Ighe53f8L._SL1500_ns)

Part 1 of the Underground Series.

Sara’s father’s was sentenced to death by cleaning. What he did while outside the silo has put his daughter on a quest to learn more about her father’s secret life. Personal circumstances push her even deeper into the silo’s secret organizations.

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The Bishop (Thomas81DLy+IVRbL._SL1500_ Robins)

The silo has strict population control policies. Robert discovers the reality and heartache of what happens when mandatory birth control fails.

Follow Robert’s journey to the silo’s underground resistance as he aims to help those who discover they are pregnant without a license.



ThomasRobins_PoetryPoetry From the Silo (Thomas Robins)

Sara Lancaster has been illegally hiding poetry on the silo servers for years. IT has discovered over twenty of her poems and must decide if Sara should be sent outside to clean.

This book is a short collection of poems written from the perspective of a woman living in the world of Wool, created by Hugh Howey. You, the reader, take the role of an IT employee and have the duty to carefully read these poems and decide Sara’s fate.


Angels of the Earth (Fredric SAngels_CoverKWhernoff)

Uriel Brown sits in a prison cell accused of murder and sentenced to clean. When his confession raises the suspicion of the silo’s sheriff, an investigation begins and the story of Uriel’s life unfolds in an emotional race against the clock.

Fredric Shernoff, author of the Atlantic Island series, returns you to Hugh Howey’s beloved world of Wool in a story that proves love can exist in the darkest corners of the world.

Learn more about Fredric Shernoff on his web site.


91S+OCSF20L._SL1500_Lottery (Brian Spangler)
In the world of the silo, falling in love comes with its own set of rules. As young Tabitha and Justin begin their lives together, they know what they can and cannot do.

Then the impossible happens and Tabitha finds out she is with child. With no lottery ticket to redeem, the consequences for pregnancy are harsh: every addition requires a subtraction.

From the Down Deep to the Up Top, there is nowhere to hide. It won’t be long before the truth comes out and her husband is sent outside and put to cleaning. There is just one way to save his life–but to save him, Tabitha will have to do the unspeakable.


The Veil (Will Swveilardstrom)

The silo is full of secrets; some are good. Some are bad. For Mary, secrets form the foundation of her life. On her wedding day, Mary’s mother tells her, “A bride should keep some secrets. The veil tells a husband he can get close, but there will always be some mystery to his wife. A woman needs to keep her husband close, but her secrets closer.”