by WJ Davies on December 1, 2014

How is it December already? Seriously.

It feels like this semester just started. Though, looking back, and to my great relief, I have done quite a lot of writing.

I wrote for school: most of a one-act play, ten pages of a feature film, a ten minute short film, half of a spec-scrip episode of the show Continuum, and various odds and ends.

For readers: short story for Powers That Be anthology (Lucky Chance), short story for Alien Chronicles anthology (Remember Valeria), and during NaNoWriMo, I turned Empathy for Andrew into a full length novel (54,000 words).

And yet… This world of self-publishing gives me a weird impression on writing production. I haven’t come out with a book since July (Binary Cycle), which was actually only four months ago. But in ebook author land, that seems like an eternity. How could I be so lazy! Well, good news. My new book comes out December 31st. You can pre-order it here. Also, I believe Alien Chronicles comes out in early January. Oh, and Powers That Be will be out in December sometime! When it rains, it pours, eh?


After Empathy for Andrew comes out, I’m going to hard-core focus on editing the story I wrote LAST NaNoWriMo. This book is called Race of the Commons, and I literally haven’t read it since I finished writing it a year ago. I can’t wait to dig in and take the hedge clippers to that baby. You know me, I’m the worst at predicting my own release dates, so I won’t make any promises here. But I HOPE that book can come out in late winter. Here’s┬áthe cover for the first section of the book, created by Derek Murphy. He’s a great guy who I met in Taipei, at Hugh Howey’s Taiwanese DUST launch. Pretty fancy!

Transfer of Order

That’s all for right now. I’ve got to finish up that spec-script for class. I’ll try to check in here a little more often.


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