Two New Releases!

by WJ Davies on July 28, 2014

After almost two years, Binary Cycle is now available in one volume!


They escaped a ruined Earth, forsaking the remnants of a dying world.

Now, two-hundred years after arriving on the beautiful and bizarre planet of Taran, humanity is thriving once again. But orbital disruptions are becoming frequent, and the native alien “Spindroth” have been acting erratically, and appear to be getting smarter.

When Jonathas, a newly promoted robotics technician, receives an injection of nano-DNA, he begins to experience a strange link with the mining drones around him. His suspicious actions place him under the scrutiny of his colleagues, even as he uses his newfound abilities to help during a time of crisis. When a particularly severe disruption strikes the mines, Jonathas must endure many hardships as he searches for his missing girlfriend in the dark and dangerous corridors beneath the facility.

Meanwhile, deep in the jungles of Ganji Province, famous scientist Cassidy Walker and her daughter, Skyia, have uncovered evidence of an imminent planetary disaster–an extinction event that mankind will not walk away from. It is up them to locate the origins of a mysterious signal as they begin to unlock the secrets of the planet itself.

In Alexendia, film maker and household name Reggie Samielif is coming out of retirement to shoot one last film, a holo-documetary featuring the Spindroth, which he hopes will lend a little worth to old wounds. He must assemble a team which will lead him around the planet, and right into the heart of an extremist terrorist group’s plot. As he wrestles with internal demons, Reggie comes to realize the things which are most important to him.

Battle lines are drawn, and characters’ journeys become intertwined. The countdown to the greatest challenge in human history is about to begin.

And not everyone will survive this time.

Binary Cycle is a 110,000 word novel, or about 400 paperback pages. It was originally published in three parts (Disruption, Revelations, and Skyward).


And I’m honored to be a part of this next anthology. My story, Empathy for Andrew is one of thirteen short stories about robots or AI. It’s also available in print, which I’m trying to make a habit of.



“Empathy for Andrew” – The Center for Robotic Research takes quality assurance very seriously. Their newest model, the Empathy 5, may finally have achieved true artificial intelligence—the first machine worthy of being called “alive.” But before these AI units can be certified for mass production, they must undergo intense psychological and emotional trials. After all, when you build a machine, you must try and test it to its very limits. Even to its breaking point.

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