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by WJ Davies on June 27, 2014

I’m not sure how much I need to say about Michael. He does enough talking all on his own 😉


No, seriously, Michael is one of those guys that is so in tune with what he is doing that it’s almost scary. I wish I was half as productive as Michael, and people have called him a self-publishing guru. I would argue that he’s the prime example of what us indie authors are striving to do: write a ton of books, interact with readers in an interesting and exciting way, and generally be passionate about our craft. In the indie world, he’s definitely someone to look up to and try to learn from.

When Jason, Patrice, Thomas and I were setting up the LOOW group, we looked around at some of the other Wool related works out there, trying to recruit new authors into our fold. At the time, there still wasn’t much fanfic available, but Michael Bunker had recently written a book called “Hugh Howey Must Die”. I think he wrote it in a weekend or something crazy. While this technically wasn’t Wool fanfiction, it was still Hugh Howey related and so we thought we’d send him an invite. Turns out, that was a fantastic decision on our parts.

Michael came to the table with YEARS of publishing under his belt (compared to a couple months for the rest of us!). He already knew so much about the industry, and had lots of input about where we could take this Wool fanfiction stuff. We were all very passionate about Hugh’s series, and that passion only grew as we all dove into our own takes on the Wooliverse, sharing ideas and bouncing them off each other. It was a really productive time with me releasing a Runner sequel, Jason releasing Greatfall, Patrice releasing more Karma books, Thomas coming out with his Pawn series, and Michael storming into the room with his Silo Archipelago trilogy.


Having Michael around will make you want to write faster, if only so that you don’t get left behind, trailing behind this strange, plain living, sci-fi loving bearded man.

Send this guy an email, see if you can ruffle his feathers, and most importantly, check out his awesome books!


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