Author Profile: Patrice Fitzgerald

by WJ Davies on June 26, 2014

Oh Patrice… where do I begin?


I can’t quite remember the first time I spoke to Patrice, but it was early on in 2013. Perhaps inspired by my silo story, Patrice wrote one of her own entitled “The Sky Used to be Blue”. Her fanfiction was different, in that she wrote about characters Hugh Howey actually mentioned in the Wool series. Up to that point, the fanfiction stories took place in the silo, but followed new characters and stories. Patrice picked up some of the pieces left by the original author and ran with it.

I remember last spring when she sent me book two of her Karma of the Silo series, and I was halfway through it when the Boston bombing stuff started coming on the news. I kept reading, and by the end of her story I was in tears, partly because of the atrocities on the news, but mostly because of how the story was affecting me. I always appreciate Patrice’s stories, as they often cover some very heavy subjects, such as abortion, and birth defects. Her books are actually much more mature than she is herself 😉 Kidding kidding… sort of.


Patrice was one of the founding members of the LOOW writing group, and she was instrumental in popularizing Wool fanfiction. Get a hold of this author. At the very least, she’ll make you laugh.

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