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by WJ Davies on June 26, 2014

About a month after I released The Runner, Lyn sent me this email:


Wanted to let you know that you publishing your story, The Runner, has inspired me to write/publish my own Silo Story later this month (with Hugh’s blessing!). If you’re interested, I’ll send you a preview copy in a few weeks. Best wishes as you complete you Binary Cycle.


LPAs far as I know, Lyn was the first, or one of the first to start writing their own Silo story after The Runner came out. He sent me The Last Prayer, and I thought it was great! It was much different than The Runner, and had a more religious slant than my book, or anything in Hugh’s books up to that point. This proved to me just how versatile the world of Wool was, and got me excited about the future that existed for Silo fanfiction.

Lyn joined the LOOW group, and a year later, his story The Last Prayer was included in our Wool Gathering Charity Anthology. Check out his Silo book on Amazon:



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