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by WJ Davies on June 26, 2014

 I first learned about Jason Gurley, quite naturally, through his cover design work. More specifically, his own covers (for Colonists and Settlers). He had just released his first two books (they caught my eye on Amazon), and I figured I’d pick his brain and see what he knew about indie publishing. Turns out, we were both incredibly green, but got to chatting and learned a lot from each other (well, I learned a lot from him, anyway).


At that time, The Runner had been out for a couple weeks, and it was selling 100+ copies a day. I remember a conversation Jason and I had. It went something like this:

Jason: Dude, I can’t believe your book is selling so well, congrats! I’d love to find more readers for my stuff.

Me: It’s because it’s Wool fanfiction. All I did was usurp someone else’s fanbase, and man, they’re loving this Silo stuff. I guess Hugh can’t write fast enough.

Jason: Maybe I should write a Silo story. I bet I could do a pretty good job.

Me: Absolutely !

Jason: Should I read Wool first?

Me: Might be a good idea…

And so, Greatfall was born, and the world was about to discover the excellent writing of Jason Gurley.


We started a super secret writing group (League of Original Woolwrights), and along with another couple authors, began the Wool fanfiction movement. We were all fairly new to self publishing, and so had a lot of information to share. Jason was kind enough to offer his design skills for our early book covers. Those covers were unique, gorgeous, and FREE! To this day I regret telling people how awesome Jason’s work is, because now he’s too famous to return my calls and he certainly doesn’t have time to do free work for our writing group anymore. He’s too talented for his own good if you ask me…

Getting to know Jason, and following his journey from an unknown spec-fic author, to a well-known name in the SF publishing community has definitely been one of the joys of my writing experience over the past couple years. He’s a great guy, family man, visionary, and a fantastic writer. Check out his books as soon as you can, my favorites being Greatfall, Eleanor, and The Dark Age.



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