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by WJ Davies on June 24, 2014

As a new writer, joining twitter was probably the best thing I did early on. I started tweeting about 6 months before I published anything, and in doing so, I met many of the contacts who really helped me along when I was still a total newbie.


One of the first people I met was an author from Seattle named Zachary Bonelli.  At the time, he was releasing his novel “VOYAGE” in serial format, and we spent a lot of time discussing the industry, writing, and just lots of random interesting stuff (Zachary is a super smart guy, you should pick his brain sometime). This was the first time I got the sense that there was a large community of indie writers out there, all having similar experiences in a brave new world of publishing.

One night, after a rather rough group session Zachary had with a group of writers he was hanging around with, he was feeling a bit down due to some pretty negative feedback he received, and asked if there was anything he could help me out with writing wise to boost his “author Karma”. As it happened, I had just started writing a short fanfiction story called The Runner, so I sent him the first few chapters.

Then he did something I’ll be forever grateful for. He tore through the material I sent him with a keen eye and became the first person to edit any of my fiction. His comments and suggestions were invaluable to a new writer like me, and even now as I write, I still remember things he taught me about sentence structure, pacing, dialogue tags, and grammar. He took a passable story and turned it into something great, something that I was proud of. By the time I pressed publish, I was doing so with confidence, and Zachary played a huge roll in that.

Check out his VOYAGE serial novel, as well as his second, which I love, INSOMNIUM. They both feature the gorgeous art of Aubry Andersen.


Once, when we were talking about book covers, Zachary said I should check out this new author who has gorgeous covers… that he makes himself. That author’s name was Jason Gurley.

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