So Long Taiwan

by WJ Davies on April 30, 2014

My flight from Taipei left yesterday. I had been in Taiwan for the last three months writing and traveling. It was an incredible trip, and I got to connect and reconnect with so many amazing people. I taught in Taiwan from 2008-2010, leaving right after I graduated from University, and I still keep in touch with my people I met during that time. To come back 4 years later and still have couches to sleep on and friends to hang out with was an amazing feeling. Thank you so much to everyone who put me up (especially Mike and Chelsea) and if any of you find yourselves in Canada, please give me a call. I was also able to publish two books while I was away (Binary Cycle: Revelations, and WOOL Gathering).

Wes Taiwan

I’m currently rounding out the last couple weeks of my trip in Manila, Philippines before I head back to Toronto in mid-May… back to the real world. I’m hoping to have Binary Cycle: Skyward released, or on the verge of being released, before I fly back home. This is a trip I’ll never forget, and it will undoubtedly serve as prime inspiration for the stories to come.

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