E4A: Pt 2

by WJ Davies on August 20, 2014

I’d like to announce that a sequel for my short story Empathy for Andrew (available in The Robot Chronicles) is forthcoming. This is in no small part due to  suggestions from several readers that this could turn into a longer story, and perhaps one worthy of telling. [EDIT: This is now available for pre-order on Amazon].

In other news, I’m going back to school in September, for the first time in six years. I’m taking a professional scriptwriting course in Ottawa, and I’m hoping that this focus on writing should mean an increase in my fiction production as well. Things could get interesting around here in the next 8-12 months, as I spend more time writing and releasing new material. I’ve got Race of the Commons on the burner, which should see a November release, as well as short stories for several upcoming anthologies, including a new one from the LOOW Collective writer’s group. There’s a novel I’d like to write during NaNoWriMo this year, sort of a sci-fi conscpiracy thriller, and I’ve also had an idea for Silo Submerged 2 for a while now. Those stories will likely be called The Rebel and The Savior, and I’ll release them together in one book. And something else. I have about 5 story ideas that I’m not sure what I want to do with. I was thinking that maybe I’d write them and release them all at the same time, as a quintet. All the stories would hopefully provide enjoyment to the reader, but if one or two of them in particular resonated more, it could be turned into a larger work. One of them is a Binary Cycle prequel, chronicling the Resurrection Ark’s journey from Earth to Taran. MiLO would feature prominently.

Goals for the next 8 months: Empathy for Andrew 2, Race of the Commons, 2 anthology short stories, Untitled NaNoWriMo novel, Silo Submerged 2, and The Harder They Fall (A Quintet of Novellas).

Yikes, this kid better get writing.


Two New Releases!

by WJ Davies on July 28, 2014

After almost two years, Binary Cycle is now available in one volume!


They escaped a ruined Earth, forsaking the remnants of a dying world.

Now, two-hundred years after arriving on the beautiful and bizarre planet of Taran, humanity is thriving once again. But orbital disruptions are becoming frequent, and the native alien “Spindroth” have been acting erratically, and appear to be getting smarter.

When Jonathas, a newly promoted robotics technician, receives an injection of nano-DNA, he begins to experience a strange link with the mining drones around him. His suspicious actions place him under the scrutiny of his colleagues, even as he uses his newfound abilities to help during a time of crisis. When a particularly severe disruption strikes the mines, Jonathas must endure many hardships as he searches for his missing girlfriend in the dark and dangerous corridors beneath the facility.

Meanwhile, deep in the jungles of Ganji Province, famous scientist Cassidy Walker and her daughter, Skyia, have uncovered evidence of an imminent planetary disaster–an extinction event that mankind will not walk away from. It is up them to locate the origins of a mysterious signal as they begin to unlock the secrets of the planet itself.

In Alexendia, film maker and household name Reggie Samielif is coming out of retirement to shoot one last film, a holo-documetary featuring the Spindroth, which he hopes will lend a little worth to old wounds. He must assemble a team which will lead him around the planet, and right into the heart of an extremist terrorist group’s plot. As he wrestles with internal demons, Reggie comes to realize the things which are most important to him.

Battle lines are drawn, and characters’ journeys become intertwined. The countdown to the greatest challenge in human history is about to begin.

And not everyone will survive this time.

Binary Cycle is a 110,000 word novel, or about 400 paperback pages. It was originally published in three parts (Disruption, Revelations, and Skyward).


And I’m honored to be a part of this next anthology. My story, Empathy for Andrew is one of thirteen short stories about robots or AI. It’s also available in print, which I’m trying to make a habit of.



“Empathy for Andrew” – The Center for Robotic Research takes quality assurance very seriously. Their newest model, the Empathy 5, may finally have achieved true artificial intelligence—the first machine worthy of being called “alive.” But before these AI units can be certified for mass production, they must undergo intense psychological and emotional trials. After all, when you build a machine, you must try and test it to its very limits. Even to its breaking point.


Author Profile: Michael Bunker

by WJ Davies on June 27, 2014

I’m not sure how much I need to say about Michael. He does enough talking all on his own ;)


No, seriously, Michael is one of those guys that is so in tune with what he is doing that it’s almost scary. I wish I was half as productive as Michael, and people have called him a self-publishing guru. I would argue that he’s the prime example of what us indie authors are striving to do: write a ton of books, interact with readers in an interesting and exciting way, and generally be passionate about our craft. In the indie world, he’s definitely someone to look up to and try to learn from.

When Jason, Patrice, Thomas and I were setting up the LOOW group, we looked around at some of the other Wool related works out there, trying to recruit new authors into our fold. At the time, there still wasn’t much fanfic available, but Michael Bunker had recently written a book called “Hugh Howey Must Die”. I think he wrote it in a weekend or something crazy. While this technically wasn’t Wool fanfiction, it was still Hugh Howey related and so we thought we’d send him an invite. Turns out, that was a fantastic decision on our parts.

Michael came to the table with YEARS of publishing under his belt (compared to a couple months for the rest of us!). He already knew so much about the industry, and had lots of input about where we could take this Wool fanfiction stuff. We were all very passionate about Hugh’s series, and that passion only grew as we all dove into our own takes on the Wooliverse, sharing ideas and bouncing them off each other. It was a really productive time with me releasing a Runner sequel, Jason releasing Greatfall, Patrice releasing more Karma books, Thomas coming out with his Pawn series, and Michael storming into the room with his Silo Archipelago trilogy.


Having Michael around will make you want to write faster, if only so that you don’t get left behind, trailing behind this strange, plain living, sci-fi loving bearded man.

Send this guy an email, see if you can ruffle his feathers, and most importantly, check out his awesome books!



Author Profile: A.G. Riddle

by WJ Davies on June 27, 2014

As soon as I started writing, I also started reading about writing and researching publishing methods. I didn’t even know self-publishing on Amazon was an option for me until I’d already written 10,000 words or so. This knowledge sent me to Amazon to browse the sci-fi bestseller lists, and that’s how I discovered books like WOOL and Atopia Chronicles.

In the first couple months, when The Runner was doing crazy well and sneaking into a bunch of top-ten categories on Amazon, one of the books I noticed climbing the charts very quickly was The Atlantis Gene, by A.G. Riddle.


This was the author’s first novel, and I was amazed at how well it was doing so quickly. I emailed the author to tell him congrats, and he wrote back right away:

Hi WJ, 

Thanks for your note!  Atlantis Gene is my first novel, and I’d love to hear what you think.  
Just checked out your web site.  I use Scrivener too, and I didn’t know about the word count/project target feature; I love that.  I also just bought The Runner — what an outstanding premise.  I thoroughly enjoyed Wool, so I’m very much looking forward to it.
Take care, – AG
PS: good luck with the Binary Cycle: Disruption launch
Over the next couple months, his book continued to have astounding success, jumping into the top #100 on the Amazon store and pretty much just making itself comfortable and hunkering down indefinitely (it’s still there!). I had already bought the book, but decided I’d better take a peak at it to see what all the fuss was about.


You see, up until then, I firmly believed that success was mostly derived out of marketing, making yourself known as an author, blogging, and being active on all sorts of social media. It turns out that yes, that stuff does help much of the time, but that’s not going to get you into the top #100. It’s not going to sell you a million books. It’s not going to get other people talking about you.

The only thing that will do that is a fantastic book.

Right away, Atlantis Gene struck me as a kind of DaVinci Code for Sci-Fi lovers. It has everything. Science, political intrigue, suspense, alien conspiracy theories, international espionage, action, romance, humor… need I go on? And each chapter is very short, switching between multiple characters and leaving a trail of cliff-hangers to keep the reader guessing. This is a real page turner.

From this, I realized that if you want to have a bestseller (I mean a REAL bestseller), that it doesn’t matter if you have a twitter account, FB page, or author website… not really (And people are going to shoot me for saying so). What matters is that you’ve written an exciting book that people want to read. That’s it.

I’ve made a point of keeping in touch with A.G., not only to learn from him, but also because he’s a really friendly, completely down to earth guy. He’s the sort of guy you’d want to have on your ball team, and I’m glad he’s out there showing people what indie authors are capable of. He gives the rest of us hope, that someday, we can perfect our craft enough to really make a big splash on this new publishing paradigm.

Oh, and congrats is in order! A.G. just sold the film rights to his series to CBS! That now makes THREE authors I know who have sold film rights. When are we gonna start seeing these movies!

Check out A.G.’s series now, you won’t be sorry.



Author Profile: Thomas Robins

by WJ Davies on June 26, 2014

I absolutely love the author community that exists right now. When I published The Runner, I had no idea that it would lead to me meeting so many interesting people from all over the world. Thomas is one of those people.


He first emailed me more than a year ago, letting me know that he really enjoyed reading my fanfic story and had written around 20 poems taking place within the Silo world. This is a great example of how creative people can be when it comes to the Siloverse. He wrote to me asking if he could steal my tagline “A Silo Story” for his cover. Well, as it turns out, I had stolen that from Hugh Howey’s shift books, so I generously gave Thomas permission to use the words.


Thomas went on to publish a silo story called The Pawn, which I really enjoyed, and joined up with us LOOW writers as one of the founding members. It’s been great getting to know Thomas over the past year, and he’s often the responsible one of our group, making sure what we’re doing is in accordance with the law and that we’re all staying positive and motivated as we write. He’s got a debut full length novel coming out in a couple weeks, check it out!




Author Profile: Matthew Mather

June 26, 2014

I read Matthew Mather’s Atopia chronicles right around the same time I read WOOL. I had just got a kindle, and was amazed at the quality of independently published books on Amazon. Atopia is one of those books. I think I felt comfortable emailing him because I saw he was from Montreal… a fellow Canuck! [...]

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Author Profile: Patrice Fitzgerald

June 26, 2014

Oh Patrice… where do I begin? http://patricefitzgerald.com/ I can’t quite remember the first time I spoke to Patrice, but it was early on in 2013. Perhaps inspired by my silo story, Patrice wrote one of her own entitled “The Sky Used to be Blue”. Her fanfiction was different, in that she wrote about characters Hugh [...]

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Author Profile: Lyndon Perry

June 26, 2014

About a month after I released The Runner, Lyn sent me this email: WJ, Wanted to let you know that you publishing your story, The Runner, has inspired me to write/publish my own Silo Story later this month (with Hugh’s blessing!). If you’re interested, I’ll send you a preview copy in a few weeks. Best [...]

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Author Profile: Jason Gurley

June 26, 2014

 I first learned about Jason Gurley, quite naturally, through his cover design work. More specifically, his own covers (for Colonists and Settlers). He had just released his first two books (they caught my eye on Amazon), and I figured I’d pick his brain and see what he knew about indie publishing. Turns out, we were both incredibly [...]

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Author Profile: Zachary Bonelli

June 24, 2014

As a new writer, joining twitter was probably the best thing I did early on. I started tweeting about 6 months before I published anything, and in doing so, I met many of the contacts who really helped me along when I was still a total newbie. http://www.fuzzyhedgehogpress.com/ http://www.zacharybonelli.com/ One of the first people I [...]

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